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Good deed of the weekend

Did my good deed for the weekend by covering a charity event at the gym.  The Funky Pump group organised a back-to-back-to-back session in order to raise money towards Parkinsons UK, and of course it was in Superhero fancy dress!

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Trip to the Lake District

I’ve been meaning to go to the Lake District for years and this year I finally made it there!

I had the car MOT’d the day before (knowing it would pass) and made the 6 hour drive with Bug.  Bug was demoted to the passenger footwell so all the camping gear could be put in the car.

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Going out of my comfort zone

Apparently, in order to improve your photography you should go out of  your comfort zone and shoot something that you don’t normally shoot.  I had the opportunity to go with a friend of mine to watch his brother race at Glan Y Gors Park.  It was a sunny day with intermittent cloud cover, this meant I had shots that either came out really sunny or dull.  I also had to quickly learn how to pan with the karts and use a shutter speed slow enough to get the wheels spinning but fast enough to make up for the lack of panning skill. (It’s easier to photograph military jets at the mach loop I think!)

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1st Holiday of the Year – Destination Hong Kong!

This year I decided that I would go for an experience type holiday rather than a destination type holiday.  I’m lucky enough to have been able to get a ticket to the Hong Kong Sevens tournament (in Hong Kong obviously!)  I also decided that this year I won’t get the coach to Heathrow, but drive there instead.  I was getting a bit fed up of the time it takes to get to Heathrow by coach, and the time you have to wait for the coach on the way back and the 8 hours it takes to get back! I could have flown to Toronto in that time.

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