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Winter camping for the Mach Loop

This week signalled the annual winter trip to the Mach Loop and this time I got to see F15’s!

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Shooting Shannon

I had the pleasure last week of photographing the beautiful Shannon Lewis.  Shannon is a Miss Wales 2017 Finalist and needed some head shots.  Shannon got in touch with me after the charity event I did back in November for Ffion Moyles – the current Miss Wales.  You can see my blog of that night here

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Summer Holiday – Stage 5 – Bergen!

We finally made it to Bergen, our last stop in Norway.  Rental Car in one piece along with all passengers 🙂

After checking into the hotel we started exploring.

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Summer Holiday – Stage 4 – Getting to Bergen

Having hiked the tallest mountain in the whole Telemark region we decided we should head towards Bergen for the final part of the Norwegian stage of our holiday.  We left Rjukan and visited a few attractions along the way.

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