On Saturday just gone I was given the opportunity to cover a charity event for Miss Wales 2016.  This is the last charity event for Miss Wales 2016 before she flies out to Washington DC to represent Wales in the Miss World competition.  The charities for this event were Ty Hafan, Latch, and Bullies Out.

I’ve never tried event photography before and was quite excited that I had the opportunity to try a new genre of photography; the fact it was Miss Wales 2016 and the Miss Wales 2017 finalists helped 🙂

It was a tricky event to cover as the venue was a bit on the dark side and I wanted to avoid using flash.  The male models were up first showing off clothing from Dyfed Menswear, I started off using the 50mm at F1.8 with ISO 12800, but the noise was a bit too much even for the 6D.  I dropped the ISO down to 6400 and hoped that I could at least get the models in focus so I could edit in post.  That was a bit wishful thinking looking at it now, but I didn’t really have time to go put the flash one as I didn’t want to miss anyone.

When the guys finished their section of the fashion show, I stuck the flash on and tried not to blind the Miss Wales 2017 Finalists!  I might have temporarily blinded the first few as I played about with the flash strength.  I eventually got a look that I was ok with and tried to, excuse the pun, focus on composition.  The ladies knew what they were doing and seemed to know how long to hold their poses while I tried to keep up 🙂

There was also music contributions from Caitlin and Erin Rae, both were very good singers.

After the fashion show I set up the camera to take photos at the flower decoration wall.  I was happier with this set up as it was brighter and I was closer to the models.  I put on the 24-105 and bounced flash off the ceiling.  It seems to have worked ok 🙂

I’ve learnt a lot from this event and know what I would do differently if I get another opportunity to do such an event.  Luckily I shot in RAW so I could fix a lot in post-production.  Still hasn’t stopped me from looking at a faster lens to help in the case of another dark venue.  Had my eyes on a Canon 85mm F1.2 MK2 lens until I saw the price of it!  (£1,400+)  If anyone is feeling generous this Christmas…

I was waiting the whole event for someone to mention world peace, but not a single person did!