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Holiday part 1 – Croft Circuit

Yes, I’ve been on holiday again!  This time I started by going to Croft Circuit to cover the British Touring Car Championship.  There was also the Ginetta SuperCup, Ginetta Juniors, Renault UK Clio Cup, and the F4 British Championship being raced.

I was there for the Saturday qualifying and races, but managed to miss the 12 car pile up in the BTCC by a few seconds.  I was at that corner, but as nothing was happening there I moved around and typically I missed all the action.  Luckily all of the injured are alive and relatively well.  I quite enjoyed trying to pan race cars and at one point on the Sunday I got to the point were I was panning at 1/50th of a second and actually getting some shots in focus and sharp.

Below is a selection of images from the day.  I took well over a thousand and I imagine that’s the normal for the pros who are track side.

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CAMRA Carmarthen trip to Glamorgan Brewing Company

Had the opportunity to go to Glamorgan Brewing Company in Llantrisant with other members of CAMRA Carmarthen.  This was an early morning start, had to have breakfast to line the stomach after all!

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Summer Holiday – Stage 5 – Bergen!

We finally made it to Bergen, our last stop in Norway.  Rental Car in one piece along with all passengers 🙂

After checking into the hotel we started exploring.

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Summer Holiday – Stage 4 – Getting to Bergen

Having hiked the tallest mountain in the whole Telemark region we decided we should head towards Bergen for the final part of the Norwegian stage of our holiday.  We left Rjukan and visited a few attractions along the way.

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