Was off work today and decided last night that the weather conditions on Pen Y Fan might just lead to a great sunrise.

Unfortunately, the fog decided to hang around longer than forecast and expected.  I arrived at the Storey Arms car park just after 6am and kitted up and began my hike up Pen Y Fan.  It was clear at the bottom and had only just started raining as forecast.  About half way up I met the fog and the wind had picked up a bit; luckily the wind was blowing me up.  I got up to the ridge and sat in my usual spot to shelter from the wind and have a cup of tea.  I probably sat for about 30 mins to see if the fog was going to leave, however it was not looking promising.

I decided that seeing as I had walked so far I may as well head to the summit of Pen Y Fan.  As soon as I left the shelter of the ridge I was met with gale force winds and freezing rain, my face was numb within seconds.  I quickly decided that it was a bit on the dangerous side to continue and headed back down.  I had to cover my face on the way down as the freezing rain was pelting me.  It didn’t take me long to get back to the car where I had my breakfast.  Ham roll and French onion soup if you wanted to know.

This trip hit home the frustrations of a landscape photographer.  The weather can either be your best friend and allow you to take some amazing photos or it can be your worst enemy and lead you off the side of a cliff!  I was well prepared for the weather this trip; I was very toasty on the walk up, probably too warm actually.  It was just the wind on my face and a wind so strong that it was difficult to walk forward that stopped me; common sense actually kicked in!

On a complete side note, I had full phone signal on the ridge with internet connection.  My phone managed to test at 5.6mbit/second download on the ridge, and 2mbit/s + upload.

No doubt I’ll be going up Pen Y Fan again soon in hope of great conditions!  The two photos below show that landscape photographers require great amounts of patience.

Pen Y Fan

Lonely hike in the fog

Cloud Inversion under Pen Y Fan

Cloud Inversion under Pen Y Fan