I left Matsumoto for the Kamikochi in the Japanese Alps. It was my second time there and it was amazing!

I arrived there just before lunch time and tried my luck at checking into my log cabin. Fortune was with me 🙂

Once I got my self settled in, I went for lunch at the mountain restaurant before going for a walk.



Not far from the visitor centre there are amazing views of Mt Otaki – Japan’s third highest mountain. Kamikochi is 1500m above sea level and Mt Otaki is about double that, with the Azusa river flowing between the mountains.

Walking further away from the visitor centre takes you away from the crowds and into the quiet of the mountains, or at least it did until the tour groups marched past disturbing the peace. I was following some of the wildlife and luckily they were used to the tour groups otherwise I’d wouldn’t have been able to get the below pics.


After following the monkeys, I kept walking and made my way towards the mirror-like Taisho Pond. The clouds had come down and ruined sunset, so the photographs weren’t as good as I’d like, but the scenery was amazing.


The next day was also overcast, but I made my way to Myojin Lake. The lake was mirror like also, my photo don’t do it justice but it’s definitely worth a visit. I didn’t have my hiking boots with me, otherwise I’d have gone up some of the mountains to get a higher view of the alps. Will definitely head back to Kamikochi given the chance.