We finally made it to Bergen, our last stop in Norway.  Rental Car in one piece along with all passengers 🙂

After checking into the hotel we started exploring.

We wandered around the Bergen harbour and explored the multitude of fish in the fish market.  They had a fully grown monk fish in there; one of them would be a good eat!  Ugly things though.  We found our way into an alleyway surrounded by old style wooden buildings; really gave you a feel of how it used to be in Bergen.  As we walked around the corner we heard some live music and realising we hadn’t had food we decided a beer would do.  I had two and they have been the most expensive beers I’ve ever had!  The music was by PV and the  HeHeHeeeys! He sang in English and Norwegian and was very good; even did our request of Mr Jones and Me by the Counting Crows, he didn’t know Walking in Memphis though.

It rained the next morning so we explored Bergen harbour in daylight and made our way to the aquarium, we may have had to consult with Google to get us there, but we did stumble across a restaurant just after the heavens opened.  We had a tyrannosaurus pizza between two of us, it was massive!  We walked around the aquarium while digesting that pizza.  That night we met up with the hitchhikers and hiked up to one of the viewing points over Bergen harbour for sunset.  The view was amazing, but a spectacular sunset didn’t happen.

We said goodbye to the hitchhikers the next day and we had decided to stay in Bergen a day or two more before going on to Prague.  We took a Fjord cruise this day, and of course this was the day it was overcast and windy.  I had a salmon burger from the fish market before the cruise 🙂  The cruise was ok, but would have been better if it had been sunny.  For some reason I didn’t catch, we stopped mid-cruise to let off a guy onto an island to feed goats – made no sense at all.  Even worse was when they started playing the titanic theme song – don’t they know what happened in that movie???  We did go under the bridge spanning the deepest section of the Fjord and saw a few waterfalls.  After the cruise and the sea air, we were ready to call it a night, we had a bite to eat and had a few beers to prepare ourselves for a mystery trip the next day.  We called it a mystery trip as all we knew was that we would be driving north and weren’t sure where we were going to stop 🙂  We did find a dessert buffet though!