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2nd Trip to the Mach Loop this year

Went up to the Mach Loop again yesterday for the day.  Definitely went better than the near blank we had in May.  The morning started off with a few Hawk passes and then an A400 came through the loop.  I’ve heard it’s a ‘big’ aircraft, but wasn’t quite ready for how big it actually is; I was surprised that it fit through the valley.  After the A400 we had some more Hawks and then I finally saw some Typhoons go through the loop and closely followed by a fully swept Tornado.  It was a day of first yesterday, I’ve seen numerous Tornados through the loop but never one swept, they make a great noise as they go through.  We had plenty more Hawks go through and at one point we were almost bored of Hawks and were hoping for something else.  That something else did go through, but it wasn’t quite as grand as we had hoped – it was a little prop plane that went through quite high above the loop.

Photos below – click on them to see larger versions.

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Winter camping for the Mach Loop

This week signalled the annual winter trip to the Mach Loop and this time I got to see F15’s!

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The Loonies go to the Mach Loop in February!

Yes, one of us had the great idea of going up to Dolgellau in North Wales in the middle of February to camp and photograph at the Mach Loop.  I won’t lie, I had my doubts that the weather might be against us, especially as it was showing heavy rain in the forecast.

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Annual trip to the Mach Loop

This week took Bug and I to Dolgellau in North Wales for my annual trip to the Mach Loop for some Jet photography.  Met up with the guys at the Torrent Walk Campsite on the Wednesday ready for an early start Thursday.

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