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The Loonies go underground

From one extreme to the other the Loonies have gone from Pen Y Fan and being above jets to venturing into the Rhiwbach Mine for some cave photography!

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The Loonies go to the Mach Loop in February!

Yes, one of us had the great idea of going up to Dolgellau in North Wales in the middle of February to camp and photograph at the Mach Loop.  I won’t lie, I had my doubts that the weather might be against us, especially as it was showing heavy rain in the forecast.

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Busy weekend of photography

I had a busy weekend this weekend.  On Friday I made the decision to hike Pen Y Fan for sunrise Saturday Morning.  This involved leaving the house at 2am and arriving at the Storey Arms car park just after 3am and hiking up to the highest summit in South Wales in time for sunrise at 5:15am.  I made it to the top ridge around 4am and sheltered from the wind while enjoying a cup of tea.  While waiting for it to get a bit lighter, I noticed that I wasn’t alone and seen a dozen pairs of eyes watching me.  It seems I had found a flock of sheep also sheltering from the wind.

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Annual trip to the Mach Loop

This week took Bug and I to Dolgellau in North Wales for my annual trip to the Mach Loop for some Jet photography.  Met up with the guys at the Torrent Walk Campsite on the Wednesday ready for an early start Thursday.

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