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Holiday Part 2 – The Isle of Mull

After Croft we made our way up to Oban where we would catch the ferry to the Isle of Mull, it was about a 5 hour drive so not something we wanted to do following an all day shoot and our ferry was not until the following day.  We decided to head to the Lake District for the night and then we would drive up in the morning.  As with all plans, they look good on paper.  What we had to contend with was torrential rain and high gusts of wind.

It was raining at the campsite when we arrived so we went to the on-site restaurant in the hope that the rain would stop/lessen by the time we finished…we weren’t so lucky.  We put up the two small tents and it took a while as we had to hide from showers and stop the tents from blowing away while putting them up.  We got there in the end!  I wasn’t convinced that I was going to have a good sleep as I saw lighting strikes in the distance and quite possibly heard some thunder!  Fortunately, we survived and packed up the tents after a cooked breakfast 🙂

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Copenhagen to Oslo

Initially we had the idea of going to Sweden and then onto Norway, however, we were advised that if we were going to Norway we should skip Sweden as Norway is a bigger version of Sweden.  We then had the idea of getting the ferry from Copenhagen to Oslo.  The ferry ended up being a cruise ship 🙂


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Summer Holiday 2015

This year I travelled to Toronto for my Grandmother’s 80th birthday party.  While I was there I also managed to visit the Dominican Republic.  I stayed at Ocean Blue & Sand Resort and it was quite a nice resort.  Everything was included and the room I had was very large.  I spent a week there recharging after a tough few weeks at work.  Nothing works better than sunshine, and I sure got a lot of it!  Everyday was around 40C and very sunny.

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Busy weekend of photography

I had a busy weekend this weekend.  On Friday I made the decision to hike Pen Y Fan for sunrise Saturday Morning.  This involved leaving the house at 2am and arriving at the Storey Arms car park just after 3am and hiking up to the highest summit in South Wales in time for sunrise at 5:15am.  I made it to the top ridge around 4am and sheltered from the wind while enjoying a cup of tea.  While waiting for it to get a bit lighter, I noticed that I wasn’t alone and seen a dozen pairs of eyes watching me.  It seems I had found a flock of sheep also sheltering from the wind.

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