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Holiday Part 2 – The Isle of Mull

After Croft we made our way up to Oban where we would catch the ferry to the Isle of Mull, it was about a 5 hour drive so not something we wanted to do following an all day shoot and our ferry was not until the following day.  We decided to head to the Lake District for the night and then we would drive up in the morning.  As with all plans, they look good on paper.  What we had to contend with was torrential rain and high gusts of wind.

It was raining at the campsite when we arrived so we went to the on-site restaurant in the hope that the rain would stop/lessen by the time we finished…we weren’t so lucky.  We put up the two small tents and it took a while as we had to hide from showers and stop the tents from blowing away while putting them up.  We got there in the end!  I wasn’t convinced that I was going to have a good sleep as I saw lighting strikes in the distance and quite possibly heard some thunder!  Fortunately, we survived and packed up the tents after a cooked breakfast 🙂

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Wednesday Sunset

I’ve decided that sunrises are a bit too early for my liking so made the change to doing sunsets. Continue reading

Summer Holiday – Stage 5 – Bergen!

We finally made it to Bergen, our last stop in Norway.  Rental Car in one piece along with all passengers 🙂

After checking into the hotel we started exploring.

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Summer Holiday -Stage 3 – Aiming for the top

While sitting down for dinner out on the deck at the ski hostel we noticed a big hill in the distance and decided that we’d hike that the following day.  We had no plans of going up for sunrise so we had a relaxed breakfast and made our way to the foot of the hill.  At first we ended up at the funicular entrance and realised that if we walked from there it would be an extra hour or two so we drove to the proper place…or at least we tried to.  We kind of missed the car park and drove a bit further than we should have, so we about turned and eventually ended up at the right car park.  We confirmed that we were at the right place and set off for Gaustatoppen! Continue reading

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