Online presence is now an important aspect of life.  Employers search social media to vet potential employees, cyber bullies use the internet to troll their victims, companies use it to reach out to customers, and everyone uses the Internet to shop and procrastinate.

The goal of this blog is to learn how to manage my online brand/presence and hopefully help people along the way.  I want to find out how to increase my search rankings, whether it be for photo sales or increasing my exposure to potential employers. I won’t be using the internet to troll people though as that would be a quick way to get myself fired and possibly jailed.
The specific goal of this blog is to try and make my online presence the number one search result when searching my name.  It may sound vain or egotistical, but I want to be the number one Ryan Ho.  My first piece of homework therefore is to find out what ranking my name has and how to track it.  From there I must learn how the ranking systems work and how to positively influence the results when searching for my name.  The difficult part will be conquering the other Ryan Ho’s.
Consider the gauntlet thrown…