I’ve been meaning to go to the Lake District for years and this year I finally made it there!

I had the car MOT’d the day before (knowing it would pass) and made the 6 hour drive with Bug. ¬†Bug was demoted to the passenger footwell so all the camping gear could be put in the car.

I stopped twice on the way so Bug could have a rest and I could refuel myself ūüôā ¬†We arrived at Castlerigg Farm and almost had the campsite to ourselves as we had beat the long weekend rush. ¬†While I was putting up the tent Bug was investigating the site, well, as far has he could tethered:) ¬†I had food at the on-site restaurant and discovered that Bug either suffers car sickness or had found something that didn’t agree with him while investigating. ¬†Bug spewed his guts up at least 3 times in the restaurant. ¬†Luckily we were the only ones there at that time and didn’t put others off their food!

On the first day I tried to wake up for sunrise, but seen a lot of cloud so went back to sleep ūüôā ¬†I got up a few hours later and prepared for a day of walking. ¬†I had no idea where to go, spoilt for choice, so while getting thing for breakfast I asked the campsite staff where would be a good place to start. ¬†They recommended a walk that would take me up to Castlerigg Fell and loop down to Derwent Water and then into Keswick Town. ¬†After breakfast Bug and I set off on our first adventure.

We stopped at the top of Castlerigg Fell and looked towards Keswick Town. ¬†The view was amazing and we were very lucky that it was sunny with some cloud cover, unfortunately it was also a bit on the hazy side but that’s a photographer being a bit picky. ¬†While up there I saw two Eurofighter jets blast through the fells, but had the wrong lens on so could not get a shot of them. ¬†Bug and I continued walking and looking for the loop down to the lake and discovered that the route we took lead to a very steep descent, so we looked for an alternative path. ¬†Luckily for us we crossed paths with another walker and they seemed to know where they were going so Bug and I followed; the idea being that once we got to lake level I could navigate the rest with the map on the walking booklet that I was given.

We managed to get to lake level and I got my bearings. ¬†I managed to get Bug and I into Keswick Town in time for a spot of lunch. ¬†We went into The Wainwright Pub,¬†runner up in the West Cumbria branch of CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) Pub of The Year 2016 award, where I had a proper sized sandwich and a good ale. ¬†It’s a dog-friendly pub and they even had a tub of treats to spoil Bug with. ¬†Personally I think he was happy we’d stopped walking and he had somewhere cool to lie down while I ate. ¬†After lunch we walked through the town and eventually made it back to the campsite. ¬†We went out at sunset to try our luck at Castlerigg again, but there was too much low-level cloud, so we went back to the tent to get some sleep for the next day.

I tried sunrise again, but would you know it there was cloud again! ¬†When I woke up for a second time I had to wake up Bug for his breakfast. ¬†This day we drove into Keswick Town for lunch and this time ended up in the Magnolia Belgian Beer Bar – winner of the CAMRA pub of the season! ¬†Unfortunately, as I was driving I couldn’t have a pint, but will be going back there during my next trip there. ¬†After lunch we went to the Catbells Fells and had a walk there that went over the fells, down to the lake and then looped back along the lake. ¬†It took us ages, but it was a good walk, just wish the weather conditions were better for photography. ¬†That night Bug and I returned to Derwent Water and braved the midgies for some sunset photos, this time there was too little cloud!

I drove home on the Sunday so that we could avoid the holiday traffic, again stopped twice so Bug could stretch his legs.  I look forward to my next trip back to the Lake District, lots to see and lots to drink!  Click the pics for larger sizes.