After a few days in the mega busy Tokyo it was time to go postal, or at least to the old postal villages along parts of the Nakasendo Way.

From Tokyo I took the bullet train to Nagoya and then a local train to Nakatsugawa and then the bus to Magome. Magome is a beautiful little village up in the mountains.


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DSLR Pano of Magome

The goal for the day was to hike from Magome to Tsumago which was about 7.7km away. I stopped for lunch and a craft beer that I happened to find in the village before making my way through Magome. You can see it’s a beautiful town in a very scenic location. The weather was a bit overcast, but I managed to get a few decent shots.

Once I got started on the hike it got very rural. I was slightly concerned that there were bear bells along the route, although I imagine they’re supposed to say ring the bells loudly if there are bears rather than hit the bears hard with the bells! I also noticed gigantic yellow and black spiders with even bigger webs! Fortunately, I found the Nakasendo lucky point and I was safe from bears and spiders.

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I eventually managed to make it to Tsumago and made my way to the Ryokan to check-in and have a rest before dinner.

The following day the goal was to hike to Nagiso – 4km and then catch a train to Yabuhara, and then walk 6.5km to Narai. The scenery was amazing. In Nagiso I found the Momosuke Bridge that spans the Kiso River, great place to take photos. I also had a spectacular meal in Yabuhara at a place that worried me at first. The restaurant looked closed and when I went in a woman in her 90’s appeared. I wasn’t sure that I was going to get a meal nevermind one that tasted so good. The old woman called in reinforcements and I had handmade noodles with belly pork, it was so good! Good thing too, because the first 3.5km of the hike was uphill and it was a hot day!

Tsumago to Nagiso to Yabuhara to Narai

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DSLR Pano of Nagiso

From Narai I caught the train to Matsumoto City…