Who is Ryan Ho?

A Case Assistant working in the public sector, and a photographer.  Sometimes I’ll have my traveller or gym hats on too.

What does he want?

I’ve created this blog to assist me in my quest of becoming the #1 Ryan Ho on the Internet.  The reason I want to be the #1 Ryan Ho on the Internet is to challenge myself to be the best I can be and to learn about personal branding and how the Internet can influence it.

Is this blog just about Ryan Ho?

Not quite 🙂 This blog will document my quest to become the #1 Ryan Ho and hopefully provide assistance to others wanting to increase their Internet presence.  Success will be measuring by my ranking on Google.  Ideally I would like www.ryanho.co.uk to be the first result that shows when searching for Ryan Ho.

As well as blogging about personal branding I will be blogging about the law surrounding personal branding on the Internet and Photography.  I have finished the Legal Practise Course, however I’ve not yet found a training contract, but I’m working on it and hopefully by increasing my search result I’ll be that little bit more desirable to firms.  I chosen commercial law, employment law, and commercial litigation as my electives.

I am a passionate photographer who uses the Canon DSLR system.  I mainly focus on landscape photography, but would like to branch out into portrait photography so that I have something to photograph when the weather isn’t cooperating.  I will be blogging about my photography trips and discussing how I approach my photography, choice of locations, and post-processing of my images.

What do I get out of this blog?

If I do my job correctly you’ll learn through my quest what methods will positively increase your personal branding and be able to incorporate them into your own branding.  You will also learn about the law behind online branding and marketing, as well as learn how to organise a productive photography outing and improve your photography.  As a by-product of the above, you’ll learn a bit about me and my life.