Initially we had the idea of going to Sweden and then onto Norway, however, we were advised that if we were going to Norway we should skip Sweden as Norway is a bigger version of Sweden.  We then had the idea of getting the ferry from Copenhagen to Oslo.  The ferry ended up being a cruise ship 🙂


The cruise ship was massive and there were a lot of people on board.  While relaxing at the bar, two Norwegian guys starting chatting to me (in Norwegian at first, I don’t know who was more confused!).  I made the mistake of asking what we should see in Norway while we were there, just in case there was some hidden gem that we didn’t know about, it turns out one of the guys was rather passionate in his view of the Norwegian government and we must have listened for an hour at least on how the Norwegian government is corrupt and how, in his view, Norwegians are ‘yes men’ or ‘sheep’ as he called them.  The other guy just kept winding up the other and letting him continue his tirade.  We never did get any suggestions….  We made our excuses and left the two of them to it.

We did try to arrange a hire car for when we arrived in Oslo but the wifi was spotty and the internet on my phone was extremely slow (more on that later), we eventually returned to the bar all the while trying not to bump into our Norwegian friends again.  We weren’t so lucky, they found us three times that night wanting us to join them, but we made our excuses as we didn’t really want to have to listen to them rant about the Norwegian government again!  They did play Hooked on a Feeling by David Hasselhoff in the bar and that made our night, it was hilarious.

The next morning I did some sunrise photography as we approached Oslo, photos below, it was amazing to see.  All I could hear was everyone around saying ‘Wow!’

When we arrived in Oslo we stored our luggage at the train station and wondered around Oslo until the car rental place opened (it was Sunday and they didn’t open until 1pm).  I took quite a few photos so you’ll be able to see what we did.  The only thing I couldn’t photograph was our reaction to the prices in Oslo.  We wanted an early lunch and looked around the city for a bite to eat.  The first place was around £20 for a burger!  We ended up at the McDonalds as everything was burgers or crazily expensive; BTW, a Big Mac meal was £10!


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Photos if you don’t want to see every photo