Began my summer holiday in Copenhagen this year.  Managed to secure an Airbnb right in the centre of Copenhagen that was within walking distance of everything – and walk we did! Averaged over 20k steps each day.

I met  my friend from Canada in Copenhagen Airport and we made our way to the Airbnb.

Our host was full of ideas and suggestions of where to go eat and which food markets were nice to look at but expensive to eat from.  We walked all over the centre of Copenhagen over the next three days.  We saw all the old buildings, Nyhavn, the little mermaid statue and even had time for a harbour cruise and a wander to the Carlsberg Brewery.  You can see all where we went in the photos below, I’ve tried to caption them all so I don’t bore everyone.

Copenhagen observations:

  • The majority of the buildings have the same design and are the same height;
  • we were very lucky with the weather, everyone we spoke to commented on how good the weather was;
  • we didn’t see any traditional Danish restaurants, everything was either burgers, pizza, or kebabs.  I walked past Noma and didn’t even see a sign for it!
  • Copenhagen is flat, there were no inclines at all;
  • Colourful buildings;
  • the Palace guards don’t like it when you get too close to their guard huts.  One tourist got too close and had the life scared out of her by a guard shouting at her from the other side of the courtyard; he knew how to project his voice!
  • the cheapest place to drink is at the Copenhagen University halls of residence, only 15Kr.  They do enjoy their drinking games so consider yourself warned.
  • You won’t encounter any language issues, their English is perfect.
  • Great place for a long weekend, especially if you enjoy people watching.
  • Cheapest flight was through Norwegian Air.


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