In order to track my success at raising my online profile I should probably find out where I’m starting from.
If you search “Ryan Ho” Wales, I am the first three results and I’m mentioned in the forth.  That’s a decent start, although it probably means I’m the only Ryan Ho in Wales 🙂

I’m the fifth result when searching Ryan Ho Scotland, seems I don’t feature at all, and the first three results when searching “Ryan Ho” England.  Searching Ryan Ho UK bring some trouble as there seems to be someone called Ryan Houk screwing up the search for me.  Typing out United Kingdom brings me as the first two results.  “Ryan Ho” UK brings me up as the first and third results.
Searching purely on my name I show up on the 2nd page of results, not exactly the best page to be on.  My goal is to get as close to result #1 as possible, this way potential customers/employers do not see that there was a serial flasher in the USA called Ryan Ho who was jailed for 35 years.  Not a Ryan that I’d like to be associated with 🙂
Apparently Google Analytics can help me track search results and Google alerts can inform me when new search results appear with my name.