I had the pleasure last week of photographing the beautiful Shannon Lewis.  Shannon is a Miss Wales 2017 Finalist and needed some head shots.  Shannon got in touch with me after the charity event I did back in November for Ffion Moyles – the current Miss Wales.  You can see my blog of that night here

This was my first go at a portrait session and I think from a technical point of view it was a success.  The photos are sharp, in focus and minimal editing was required (levels, cropping, and a touch of the healing brush).  I need to learn a more about posing the model and different ways of creating interesting lighting, but overall I’m happy with the images as they’ve gone to plan and Shannon is still speaking to me 🙂

It was a three hour shoot, mostly due to me taking photo after photo after photo (something to work on next time) and Shannon bringing a small suitcase of different outfits to try.  Between all the costume changes, chatting, laughing, and finding out about the Miss Wales process we managed to get some good shots and I wish Shannon the best of luck in seeking to become the next Miss Wales.