Having hiked the tallest mountain in the whole Telemark region we decided we should head towards Bergen for the final part of the Norwegian stage of our holiday.  We left Rjukan and visited a few attractions along the way.

The first stop was the mountain cable car, Krossobanen, we went up the mountain with the view of doing some hiking.  Unfortunately the weather was overcast and not very photogenic.  We spent a while hiking and eventually decided that the weather wasn’t doing it for us and we made the decision to do some miles in the car to get us closer to Bergen.  We stopped in a place called Haukeli.  We stayed at the local hotel and managed to blag a cheaper rate than they were offering at discounted rates 🙂  Always pays to check prices online!

We had a quiet evening and had a few beers before getting some rest as we were still recovering from hiking Gaustatoppen the previous day and planned to get to Bergen the next day.

It was raining the following day and again it was not photogenic.  This route took us over bridges, through tunnels, back onto bridges, deeper into mountain tunnels, even tunnels with roundabouts!  We saw some amazing sights, but none that I would have been happy taking a photo of due to how overcast it was and there not being many places to stop the car.  We did stop though to takes some photos of a large waterfall near Skare.  We then stopped in Odda for lunch.  My friend finally had his kebab!

While driving through Odda we noticed two hitchhikers trying to get to Bergen.  After lunch we decided it could be interesting to pick them up and head to Bergen, the only requirement was that they spoke English!  Luckily they did, and luckily for them they managed to fit their stuff in the car!

We passed a glacier on the way to Bergen and again ended up in tunnels and going over bridges, at one point it got really narrow on the road and of course a truck came in the opposite direction just as we passed that section of the road; fortunately a change of underwear was not required!

After a few hours on the road, with a quick stop in some small town to stretch our legs and find somewhere to stay in Bergen, we made it to Bergen!