I spent the first two nights in Vienna and I experienced the only rain of the holiday, of course it rained while I was outside and had to seek shelter in a cafe for a cake break.

As we had an early flight, 7am, we got to Vienna well before our check-in time for our AirBnB so we had to kill some time and find out how to get to the place.  We made use of the CAT trains and a Vienna travel card to get ourselves into the middle of Vienna.  We wandered for a while and came across Hundertwasser Village and thought it was time to have a break.  I had my first apfelstrudel here and it was very nice; I also had my first beer of the holiday and it was a Stiegl.


Apfelstrudel in Hundertwasser Village

After some more wandering around Vienna and unsuccessfully searching for a brewery that Google said existed, we decided to head to the AirBnB so we could get rid of all the bags.  Having rested and realising that we were hungry we went out in search of some food.  We ended up in the 7 Stern Brau where I had pork schnitzel and as I was in a brewery I had to sample a beer or three.  I started with the Märzen and it was a very easy to drink beer, then the Prager Dunkel – a dark beer, then the Wiener Helles – I preferred the first two.

We did some further sightseeing that night.  It was a shame that it rained that night as the buildings we saw were very beautiful and I could have gotten some better photos of them.

The following day we went to Schonbrunn Zoo – the oldest zoo in the world (photos to come in a later post) and later on ended up in Cafe Landtmann to experience a proper Viennese coffee house.  The waiters really do wear very formal wear, but the one we had wasn’t grumpy at all.  I had a Faiker – Double espresso with rum, cream and cocktail cherry, along with a slice of Mozart cake – a Chocolate Pistachio cream tart.  The cake was lovely, expensive, but lovely!

That night we had food and some beers at a local pub I had the largest single meal of the holiday I think.  I had the ultimate burger, which on it’s own was fine; it was the near 2kg of chips/curly fries/roasties that did me!  I gave it a good go but there’s no way I was finishing it.  As we planned for an early start in the morning to make it to the Red Bull Ring, we called it a night after a few more drinks.